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Theory and application of gym chalk

        gym chalk

        In sports, most athletes would slip or couldn’t grasp the grip because of sweaty hands and feet or slippery equipment. There is a kind of powder which is harmless to skin,  can absorb sweat and can increase friction of body surface. Athlete always use this powder to prevent some sports accident from sweat or slip. This product called chalk powder.

        When we watch a sports program, especially gymnastics and weight lifting, we can see that athletes always coat some white powder on their hands. That’s chalk powder.

Chemical component:

chalk powder’s chemical component is Magnesium Carbonate. It’s slightly alkaline, white, nontoxic. chalk powder is different from talcum powder (Magnesium Silicate).

        Theory of anti-slip


The reason why chalk powder can anti-slip is because of its major component-- Magnesium carbonate’s physical property. Magnesium carbonate is macro molecular. Macro molecular’  big volume makes a big contact with body, then contact surface’s static friction force increase. So it can anti-slip.

Besides anti-slip, magnesium carbonate is highly absorbent. Another major theory to use chalk powder is that it can absorb hand’s sweat, keep hands drying to anti -slip. chalk powder also called sports chalk or gym chalk.


Almost all athletes use chalk powder to prevent some grasping and slipping accident. It mainly used for weight lifting, gymnastics, rock climbing, badminton, tennis, basketball, pole dance or other sports which need to anti slip.



        1. Coat sports chalk on your hand, feet or instrument evenly before sports.

        2. Wash your hand with soap clearly after sports.




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