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Application of gym chalk

Application of gym chalk

     Formerly, chalk powder is specialized for athlete. With the rise of rock climbing, chalk powder becomes more and more important as an indispensable equipment for climber. Sometimes, basketballer also use chalk powder to increase friction. Such as James, he always coat chalk powder on his hands, then spread some power into sky to make him looking like more powerful. Gannet likes to do this, too. Magnesium powder is light, so it looks powerful when somebody spread it into sky. For pole dancer, there are some requirements. They can’t hold the pole like a koala bear, and can’t slide down from the pole, even fly out from the pole. In order to preventing these accidents, they can coat some chalk powder on hands or gloves to anti-slip. For pole vault, shot put, javelin or other sports which need hands to handle, chalk powder is necessary and more and more important. chalk powder can also used for easy desliching treatment for floor. Spread some chalk powder on floor to increase surface friction before playing badminton.

     gym chalk is a kind of lightly light white powder, which can absorb moisture strongly to keep athletes’ hands dry and increase friction.

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