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classification of gym chalk

 Product description:

1. Nontoxic, smellless
2. Anti-slip, improve stability and success rate.
3. Increase strength, confidence and sense of security.

gym chalk is fragile. There is no affection because we should crumb it when we use.

Classification of gym chalk
gym chalk can be classified into chalk powder, chalk block, chalk chunky, chalk liquid and chalk ball.

chalk powder is the most popular. Gymnastics and weight lifting athlete always use powder chalk. It can be packaged into bags, 100g, 300g, 450g, 10kg, 20kg or as customer’s requirement.

Make chalk powder into a block, which size is 9*9*4.5cm. The block called chalk block. chalk block is easy to stock and transport. We can crumb it into nubble or powder to use. 8pcs chalk blocks are into a box, 36boxes are into a carton.

Chalk chunky is irregular bulk chalk. We always package it into bags, 100g, 300g, 450g or as customers requirement.

Chalk liquid’ s major component is magnesium carbonate and alcohol. Coat liquid chalk on your hand, feet or instrument evenly before sports. Alcohol will volatilize quickly when it meets air. liquid chalk is most popular among rock climber.

Chalk ball is the most portable chalk product. Some chalk powder are into a cotton sack. One ball is 50g. 300balls into a carton. Customized packaging is provided.

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